What happens when feet are very dry?

The skin appears dull, flaky and scaly, feels rough and itchy and fine lines in the skin become visible when very dry. When the skin on the feet is very dry, it can be accompanied by itching, which can be severe and interfere with sleep and other daily activities. Repeated rubbing and scratching can produce areas of thickened, rough skin that can cause painful cracks in the skin. Rough, dry, cracked heels can be caused by varying factors such as environmental conditions, poor foot care, prolonged pressure on the heel, decreased sebum production with age or as an effect of diabetes. Dry feet are characterised by:

  • Heels that are visibly scaly & coarse
  • Skin that is rough, dry to touch
  • Cracks & fissures

How to treat Dry and Cracked feet?

The best treatment for dry and cracked feet is to moisturise. However, using the right type of moisturiser is crucial to seeing results and eventually healing the skin. Use a product specifically for feet with ingredients like urea and lanolin. These ingredients help the skin to hold water and seal in the moisture. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If you have diabetes, taking extra care of your feet by moisturising daily can prevent ulcers and impede foot amputations.