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This letter is in reference to your product Flexitol Hand Balm for VERY dry skin. I wanted to write to let you know how well this has helped my situation with the dry skin on my hands. I have a hard time finding a product that will keep my skin moist without irritating when it gets into those cracks that have opened. Some products actually make the situation worse by burning when applied to those open areas. Your's does not burn and actually helps heal. It is by far the best I have used for my hands! I have suffered with this problem since 1981 and I can say I have tried just about every product and "cure" out there. In the past 24 years nothing helps to soothe, heal, and protect like Flexitol Hand Balm.

Donna W., USA

This product is truly amazing and does all that it claims!!  It will not disappoint.  It goes to work immediately and within 3 days your rough dry heels are like a baby's bottom. What a joy!

Lynda, Mississauga Ontario Canada

I have always had extremely dry heals that would crack and bleed.  When they got really bad I would use Vaseline and that would barely help.  Recently I was on vacation and the combination of the dry weather and going barefoot and walking on rock made my normally uncomfortable dry and cracked feet horrendous.  I could barely walk and the pain was incredible.  I had never seen so many cracks in my feet before, some of them 3-4mm deep.  A trip to Wal-Mart had me purchasing your product and after the initial application, the relief I felt was immediate.  I was so impressed.  After just one dose I was able to walk without pain.  I've been using the cream for about 10 days now, the redness is completely gone and the cracks have almost disappeared entirely.  My feet have never felt so nice and smooth.  I love the easy to use stick applicator.  It's so nice to rub it on and not have to get my hands all covered in cream.  I've been telling everyone I know about this amazing cream.  Now I will need pedicures only to keep my nails nice and no longer to try and keep heel cracks to a minimum.

Samantha, Port Moody, BC Canada

I am a senior diabetic with nerve damage in my feet. My Doctor game me samples of your Heel Balm which amazed me when I used it on my feet.I have tried so many products over the years, with zero success.. but this stuff really works. Now I need to find a store near me that carries your products ..Thank you.. you made my day xxx.

Pamela D., Toronto Canada

Flexitol Heel Balm is the only product I have tried that actually works.  And it works fast.  Healing cracked dry heels in just a few days.

Edmonton D., Canada

Orthopedic surgeon gave me a sample to try of the HEEL BALM when he was "casting" my feet for specially-made orthotics. I am totally amazed how my dry, severely cracked heels improved THE LOOK AND FEEL almost immediately. Now I will definitely buy my own supply.

Many, Vancouver Canada

I truly love this product. I have tried everything under the sun on my dry cracked heels and this product does not disappoint. I noticed a difference overnight, very impressive. No more embarrassing comments on my horrible looking feet, I can proudly wear sandals, no shoes and be comfortable. Thank you.

Nicola R., Ontario Canada

This product is amazing. I have had problem skin on heels for years and have tried everything on the market. Within a few days I saw such a dramatic change in skin condition. Thank you for this awesome product that works wonders!!

Sofia D., Ajax Canada

Your product is amazing. I have hard cracked and dry heels, I saw your product at my local pharmacy and thought of trying it. I have only used it two days now and I already see good results.

Dev B., Ontario Canada

This product is amazing!  My feet have never looked and felt better. Works overnight to leave my feet soft. I will be using this product forever.

Janice H., Saskatoon Canada

After many years and many dollars spent on creams and lotions while suffering through cracked and bleeding heels, I saw your product and thought "why not?"  After three days twice a day, my heels are completely transformed.  Miracle product!  Just wish it came in a bigger tube.

Denise R, Albany Canada

My heels were so cracked and sore, after using heel balm for three weeks they have no cracks and are soft.

P. Laursen, Delta BC Canada

The lip balm had truly unexpected benefits! At a time when my lips became over-dry and sensitive a few months ago, I began using Flexitol Lip Balm, at least daily to relieve the problem. It did!!!!!! All I can say is... Wow! Thank you Flexitol!

K. Scranage, Leicestershire UK

Nothing has ever helped my skin problems until my mom got me this! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am! My legs and arms were driving me crazy with itching and open sores from scratching. Since I got Flexitol, I am so extremely happy to see them clear! Thank you so much!

Nicole W, London Canada

The Happy Little Bodies Eczema Shampoo and Wash gently cleanses my son's skin without irritating his eyes or drying out his sensitive skin. It rinses clean and leaves him feeling soft and smelling fresh. I was very pleased with all these products, they worked well for us and I love that they are all made with natural ingredients.

Andy & Katie W., USA