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Trust our ultra-moisturizing, concentrated formulas specifically designed to hydrate and soften severely dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy looking.

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I live by this product and it will never change. I has changed my life forever.

Erica Gaygaya, UAE

It is the best for dry or cracked lips! Excellent product 💯

Fizah, KSA

I have had inflammed lips which is quite painful. A Dermatologist suggested this balm and it has worked a treat!

Daisy, UAE

This is a great lip conditioning product at a very reasonable price. Promptly delivered. Happy customer!

Sian Thomas, UAE

I apply it at night since vitamin E is recommended for night mainly. I wake up with soft moisturizer skin every day. Bought it multiple times

Aysha, UAE

Love this product! It is deeply moisturizing and great for drier skin, I’ve gone through three tubes of it!

Megan G., UAE

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